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Exsome therapy involves the application of topical exosomes (in the form of what looks and feels like a serum or gel) after treatments like resurfacing lasers or Microneedling. I like to think of exosome therapy as the cherry on top of in-office treatments because it can only be done in conjunction with one — never on its own.

The Function of Exosome Therapy in Cosmetic Procedures

Exosomes Facial Rejuvenation


Always cleanse, tone and moisturise your face. To prevent loss of moisture, protect the skin from make-up and to keep the skin soft and supple

Do not apply perfume or perfumed products to treated area within 48 hours of having a facial. Avoid wearing make-up for at least six hours after a facial treatment.

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A novel technique to skincare is known as “exosome therapy,” which involves applying topical exosomes after undergoing different skin procedures like microneedling or resurfacing lasers. Picture a serum or gel that embodies these tiny messengers, resembling a potent elixir that revitalizes the skin. When administered post-procedure, exosome therapy acts as a catalyst, enhancing the effects of preceding treatments. It’s the cherry on top of the skincare sundae, synergizing with in-office procedures to amplify their outcomes.


Unlike standalone therapies, exosome treatments depend on a preceding procedure for optimal efficacy. Their role is to complement and augment the effects of these treatments rather than substitute or act as an independent solution. This symbiotic relationship is key to understanding the power of exosome therapy in the realm of skincare.


Resurfacing lasers and microneedling create controlled skin injuries, prompting the body’s natural healing processes. Exosomes, when introduced post-treatment, accelerate and amplify this repair by delivering bioactive molecules directly to cells, triggering regeneration and rejuvenation.


The beauty of exosome therapy lies in its versatility. It adapts to various skin types and concerns, offering a personalized touch to skincare regimens. Whether it’s tackling fine lines, wrinkles, pigmentation issues, or overall skin texture improvement, exosomes work in harmony with other treatments to elevate and prolong their effects.


As skincare science advances, exosome therapy stands at the forefront, heralding a new era of precision skincare. Its role as a supportive, enhancing element within a treatment regimen exemplifies its significance as a catalyst for achieving radiant, revitalized skin.